Marie O'Riordan


In 2020, Marie O'Riordan secured a prestigious spot as an Official Member of the Forbes Communications Council at This recognition underscores her knowledge and experience in the realm of communications. As a Council Member, Marie has a platform to impart her insights on industry trends and best practices to a global audience. Her contributions have fortified her position as a thought leader and influencer and amplified her personal brand.'Riordan-Global-Director-Public-Relations-EML/80e7cd64-0b22-4520-a3a5-8ca5f3895996

Mother Teresa Interview

Marie O'Riordan Mother Teresa

In 1997, Marie O'Riordan was honoured to conduct the final interview with the Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Mother Teresa, also recognised as Saint Teresa of Calcutta. The interview took place at Mother Teresa's residence in Calcutta, India, during Marie's production of a radio documentary that delved into the impact of Irish individuals on the lives of those in the city's densely populated slums. This experience in the developing world profoundly influenced Marie, driving her to volunteer in similar communities across various developing countries. Her interaction with Mother Teresa and the individuals she assisted deepened Marie's commitment to social justice and human rights.

Early Life

Marie O'Riordan baby

From early childhood, Marie O'Riordan's prodigious talents were evident. Her family observed her uncanny problem-solving skills even at just ten months old. As she entered her preschool years, Marie showcased an impressive photographic memory, absorbing vast amounts of information from adult and children's encyclopedia sets, telephone directories, license plates, quizzes, and film trivia. A distinguished professor from a top-tier School of Medicine was interested in Marie's abilities and astounded by her talents. He described her as having "massive Savant skills. I have never met anyone as talented as her before. The IQ is extremely high." He suggested that Marie would have been better suited for a university programme for gifted youths at five rather than attending a regular primary school.

As she matured, Marie began to feel pressure from the constant tests of her memory and the ensuing attention, emerging triumphant in such challenges. Preferring not to have her skills on display, she stepped back from public memory competitions. She still occasionally collaborates with medical researchers from elite universities in private settings. Marie's abilities have played a role in advancing Cognitive Psychology, Neuroscience, and Memory Disorders.

Media Career

Washington DC

Marie O'Riordan is an accomplished media professional, bringing over fifteen years of extensive experience in roles ranging from Broadcast News Journalist and Presenter to Senior Producer. Her foray into national and local radio started at the tender age of thirteen, and over the subsequent six years, she honed her craft. By the age of fourteen, Marie expanded her skill set to national television. A year later, her talent was recognised on national TV when she received an award for a short film sponsored by Sony.

Fuelled by a deep-rooted passion for media, Marie furthered her studies in Media Techniques: Journalism and Radio and Public Administration at a private college and Business School. In 2019, she completed a Journalism course at the University of Cambridge.

With an international media career spanning over three decades, Marie has carved out a reputation as a seasoned journalism and media production expert. Her career path and academic achievements testify to her commitment to excellence and ability to navigate and flourish in the ever-evolving media world.

Further Background

Marie is committed to supporting marginalised communities, including dual minorities, LGBTQ+ individuals, those on the Autism spectrum, individuals with unique personality traits, and Migraineurs. Her dedication to volunteerism and philanthropy was kindled after losing two family members aged two and four. This personal tragedy spurred her to embark on humanitarian missions worldwide. Her efforts have been recognised with numerous honours, most notably an international humanitarian award in Abu Dhabi, UAE, for her philanthropic projects in Africa.

International Speaker

Marie has extensive expertise in delivering presentations on Public Relations, Communications, Marketing, Media, Journalism, Investigative Journalism, Success Psychology, and Diversity and Inclusion. She has delivered keynote speeches on international platforms across five continents and has served as a guest lecturer at numerous universities and organisations worldwide.

Career Milestones

Oprah OWN

In corporate consulting, Marie's name shines brightly. From 2009 to 2017, she became an asset to twenty-nine Fortune 500 elite, interfacing directly with the C-suites, from Chairpersons to Presidents and CEOs.

2014 marked a standout moment: Marie consulted for NASA, a professional goal realised.

Brexit was another domain Marie navigated adeptly. In 2016, she spent 20 days in London, assisting FTSE 250 companies in deciphering its intricacies.

Beyond the boardrooms, her acumen stretched into sports. Marie's eight-year study into how Olympic athletes communicate caught the spotlight in Entrepreneur magazine during the 2016 Rio Games. It earned airtime, discussed by an Olympian on NBC's The Olympics.


Marie O'Riordan is the Global Director of Public Relations at EML. Separately, Marie is also a Non-Executive Director at AsIAm, Ireland's national Autism charity, on a voluntary basis.