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Marie O'Riordan became an official member of the Forbes Communications Council at in 2020. This significant achievement demonstrates her expertise and experience in the field of communications. Her membership in the Council provides her with a platform to share her unique insights and perspectives on industry trends and best practices with a global audience. By contributing to the Council, Marie has established herself as a Thought Leader in the industry and enhanced her personal brand.'Riordan-Global-Director-Public-Relations-EML/80e7cd64-0b22-4520-a3a5-8ca5f3895996

Mother Teresa Interview

Marie O'Riordan Mother Teresa

Marie O'Riordan had the honor of conducting the final interview with the late Nobel Peace Prize winner, Mother Teresa, also known as Saint Teresa of Calcutta, in 1997. The interview took place in Mother Teresa's home in Calcutta, India, where Marie was producing a radio documentary on the impact of Irish individuals on the lives of those surviving in the chronically overpopulated slums of the city. This experience in the developing world left a lasting impression on Marie, inspiring her to regularly volunteer in similar communities in other developing countries. This encounter with Mother Teresa and the people she helped, cemented Marie's commitment to social justice and human rights issues.

Early Life

Marie O'Riordan baby

Marie O'Riordan's extraordinary abilities were recognized at a young age, when her family noticed that she was problem-solving at just ten months old. As a preschooler, her photographic memory became apparent when she memorized multiple collections of adult and children's encyclopedia sets, telephone books, and the golden pages. A University Professor at a leading School of Medicine took a keen interest in Marie's abilities, and she was astounded by the international expert's findings - "Massive Savant skills. I have never met anyone as talented as her before. The IQ is extremely high." The Professor retrospectively stated that Marie should have begun university at five in a unit for gifted youths instead of starting primary school.

As Marie grew older, she became tired of constantly being tested with extreme memory challenges that she always won. Marie disliked feeling her abilities were on display and stopped participating in public memory challenges. However, she occasionally demonstrates her memory skills privately to Medical Researchers at major universities, where her exceptional abilities have been instrumental in furthering research in fields such as cognitive psychology, neuroscience, and memory disorders.

Media Career

Washington DC

Marie O'Riordan has a wealth of experience in the media industry, having spent over fifteen years working full-time as a Broadcast News Journalist, Presenter and Senior Producer. Her career in media began at the young age of thirteen when she spent six years gaining experience in national and local radio. By the age of fourteen, she had expanded her portfolio to include national T.V., and by fifteen, she had become a national award-winning Short Filmmaker. Despite her young age, she graduated from a private college and Business School, having qualified in Media Techniques: Journalism and Radio and Public Administration.

In 2019, Marie took her media experience to the next level by completing a Journalism course at the University of Cambridge. Over the past thirty-four years, she has built up extensive media experience internationally, making her an accomplished and experienced professional in journalism and media production. Her impressive career and qualifications demonstrate her dedication and commitment to her craft and her ability to adapt and evolve with the changing media landscape.

Further Background

Marie is dedicated to helping marginalized groups, including double minorities, LGBT+ individuals, those on the autism spectrum, individuals with rare personality types, and those living with migraine. Her passion for volunteering and philanthropy began after losing two family members and has led her to participate in humanitarian missions worldwide. She has received recognition for her work, including an international humanitarian award in Abu Dhabi, UAE, for her philanthropic efforts in Africa.

International Speaker

Marie has extensive experience speaking on various topics, including Public Relations, Communications, Marketing, Media, Journalism, Investigative Journalism, Success Psychology, Diversity and Inclusion, on international stages and as a guest lecturer at universities and other organizations.

Career Milestones

Oprah OWN

Marie's 8+ years of research into Communications and Language Patterns of Olympic athletes was featured by Entrepreneur magazine during the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. The segment was presented by a multiple-olympian and T.V. presenter on The Olympics on NBC show. Throughout her career, Marie has been dedicated to achieving results. She consulted for FORTUNE 500 companies at the highest levels, including Chairman, President, and CEO, from 2009 to 2017. In 2016, she spent a total of 20 days in London providing PR consulting for FTSE 250-listed companies on the topic of Brexit.


Marie O'Riordan is Global Director of Public Relations at EML Payments.

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